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Hey loves and welcome to my website!!! I’m Nicole, a wedding photographer based in Huntsville, AL. I focus my photography craft on the ladies that have embraced love and are living their life out the way they want... brides. Wedding photography and engagement photography are the core of my work, but I'm available for other types of photography upon request. 

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I am a proud Alabama wedding photographer that is passionate about creating a unique experience for each of my clients with artful photography and wall worthy prints. That means making you look so good you've got to show yourself off.

My story begins and ends with the remarkable people that I have the honor of collaborating with during their extraordinary life moments. This is why I focus my attention on finding the client that is someone I can imagine hanging out with even after our "work" time is over. Of course, I want you to get to know me, too.

hello, hello. I'm nicole!

Brittany was AMAZING to work with throughout the entire wedding planning process. She understood exactly what we wanted to capture.

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I strive to be the wedding photographer Birmingham brides trust to help show off their big day for what it truly is… a life-changing set of moments that are built on a foundation of love. 

My clients are family to me and that is really the way I think it should be. Since I spend time with them, their families, and closest friends, it is only right that we grow together. Hopefully, you will want to invite me on this exciting time in your life.

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I am from Huntsville and what I've come to learn is that Huntsville photographers are amazing. Many of my colleagues take beautiful pictures and some even try to connect with their clients on a deeper level as I prefer to do. What sets me apart, though, is my personality, the way I engage my subjects, and my experience in the local area. 

I deliberately spend time out and about so I can learn about what makes Huntsville unique from the surrounding area and thereby influence the wedding pictures of my clients to represent their personalities in the town that they know and love.

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Engagement photography precedes the wedding (of course) and working with the same person that shoots your wedding in order to capture your engagement pics is ideal. Sometimes, though, this is not possible. Maybe your photographer moved, there was a calendar conflict, or you are going on a destination wedding and need someone close to home for the engagement photos.

No matter the reason, I'm delighted to help anyone capture their pics by being the best engagement photographer around. Seriously. I take pride in capturing the perfect shots of you and your boo.

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If you’re looking for true to life color, a fun experience, and a friendly professional. B Nicole Photography should be on your short list!

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Dive deeper into my work by looking at some of my past events and the images that captured the soul of those weddings. My work styling stays consistent for my events, so if you like what you see, then contact me today.

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Let's get to work on creating the pictures that you'll send out on your invitations, your Christmas cards, and plaster your wall. These are natural shots that capture your love perfectly.

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