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I Am Brittany Nicole


Alabama Wedding photographer

While I am based in Huntsville AL, I cover the upper part of our state and also travel out to Atlanta, Chattanooga, as well as Nashville. My style is one of casual southern comfort and my passion is to serve clients that connect with me and my work.

Most people call me B or B Nicole..whichever one you prefer works for me!! I love all things wedding and I too was once a bride so I know how stressful wedding planning can be, but... I also know how important finding the perfect wedding photographer is!!

I pride myself on cohesively working with my brides and grooms which often results in us becoming life-long friends. I have been blessed to leave corporate America to succeed in my passion of wedding photography!

You Should  know

I am a wife to an awesome man and mommy to our fur baby Bentley whose a Yorkshire Terrier. Family means the world to me and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the love and support from my family!! For those about to get married and increase your family size, you are SO lucky!

family matters

the memories we make with our family is everything

Traveling is my favorite thing to do besides shopping! Meeting new people, exploring new sites, and getting a different view on life are some of the best parts of exploring our world. In fact, my goal is to book more destination weddings throughout the country and world to feed my travel bug!

i love to travel

where you go, go with all your heart

My favorite food is cake..especially wedding cake! In fact, my past couples have loved on me by making sure they save me a slice of their wedding cake! I know it doesn't sound like much to most people, but the cake lovers out there pretty much get me on this one.

cake is the real deal

cake is a very beautiful thing

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When you book me you will get more than just a photographer that covers your wedding, but a friend that believes you are beautiful. My hope is to give you complete peace of mind that all is being taken care of behind the scenes so you can relax and truly enjoy your wedding.

During the beginning of our process in working together, I aim to find and nurture our connection. By having a friend and not just a photographer, I believe something special will be created.

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Nicole is amazing! She knows what shoots she wants and how she wants it to look, so she will not take it till it is perfect and as a result she always gives you the best pictures back.

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Let's get to work on creating the pictures that you'll send out on your invitations, your Christmas cards, and plaster your wall. These are natural shots that capture your love perfectly.

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